Pinnacle Platinum Feel Is High Performance

High performance and a soft feel from a cheap golf ball? If you said it is not possible, you really need to give the Pinnacle Platinum Feel golf ball a chance.

The Pinnacle brand has long been considered a "rock" by many serious golfers, but the Pinnacle Platinum Feel, along with some other golf balls Pinnacle has released, is working on changing that reputation.

And the Pinnacle Platinum Feel succeeds in a big way. In fact, Pinnacle's motto for its new generation of golf balls is "Distance Doesn't Have to be Hard."

So what do you get with the Pinnacle Platinum Feel? Thin surlyn covers for the soft feel and good control, alignment guides for more accurate putting, high coverage 332 "Icosahedral" dimple design for consistent flight and a tough, long-wearing ball.

The Pinnacle Platinum Feel is long compared to other golf balls in its league and even fairs well when put up against the big players like the Srixon Z-URS and the Titleist Pro V1x. The Pinnacle Platinum Feel stops tight after the bounce and can perform with very little backspin.

If you are a better than average player (and even if you're not) you'll enjoy the economy of the Pinnacle Platinum Feel and still get a soft touch in the bargain.

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