The Callaway HX Hot Is Really Hot

If you are here at Discount Golf Balls looking for a high technology ball with an economical price tag, Callaway has your number with the Callaway HX Hot golf balls. By bringing in the company's HEX Aerodynamics, Callaway has created a long ball with low drag, one that can give a great flight and longer distance to the slowest of swings.

Getting a good, solid hit on the Callaway HX Hot is as easy as giving it a swing. The geometry of the ball is top notch, with a virtually seamless ionomer cover that ensures consistent performance. While arguably not as receptive as some golf balls off of a chip shot, the economy and quality of the HX Hot golf ball is still outstanding.

Looking even deeper into the technology of the Callaway HX Hot, you'll find a sweetly soft boundary layer matched up with a high-resilience, tough core. The boundary gives the response of rubber and allows the ball to reach a high velocity and still provide a softer feel. The core is amazing in its ability to increase ball speed and distance regardless of your swing speed. Even the slowest of swingers will find an improvement in distance with the Callaway HX Hot.

Get off the tee - way off the tee with Callaway's HX Hot. At its price, you'd be crazy not to give them a try. Sure you'll be hitting longer and maybe you'll lose a few balls if you're not used to walking so far on your first drive, but you can afford it with the Callaway HX Hot.

Callaway HX Hot Golf Ball Discounts:

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