The Different Kinds of Golf Balls

It is said that there are around 26 million golfers in the world, and more people are becoming inclined to try the sport. Nowadays, it is not only high-profile businessmen or middle-aged individuals who choose to play golf. There are now quite a number of kids and women who have turned into golf enthusiasts. Of course, the game of golf won't be possible without the use of golf balls. Those who don't know much about golf balls may be surprised to find out that there are many kinds of golf balls and that these golf balls may actually affect their game.

One-piece Golf Balls

Beginners might find it easier to play with one-piece golf balls rather than two-piece or three-piece golf balls. One-piece golf balls are typically used in driving ranges and is rarely used as playing balls. These golf balls have dimples molded in and are made up of Surlyn. The advantages of buying these golf balls is that they are inexpensive and durable. However, since it has lower compression, it won't go a very long distance when hit.

Two-piece Golf Balls

Maximum distance and durability: two reasons why many golfers prefer using two-piece golf balls. Two-piece golf balls are made with a single core that is usually resin or high-energy acrylate. This core is then covered with a cut-proof, tough blended material which enables two-piece balls to traverse longer distances than other balls.

Three-piece Golf Balls

Three-piece golf balls, also called wound balls, have cores which are either liquid or solid rubber. The core is then covered with lots of yards of elastic windings, which are then enclosed in Surlyn or balata. Three-piece balls spin more and are softer, which gives skillful golfers more control over the flight of their balls when hit. Three-piece balls are more controllable than two-piece balls, and it takes a longer time for manufacturers to make them.

Recycled Golf Balls

Recycled golf balls, also called used golf balls, reclaimed golf balls, discount golf balls or experienced golf balls, are also increasing in number nowadays. These golf balls will help you save money because they are typically sold at 60 to 80 per cent less than the retail price. These golf balls are graded according to their previous usage. Mint-quality recycled golf balls, for example, are those which have been hit only once. These balls are practically new and still have that glossy shine and consistent color. Other kinds of recycled golf balls are grade-A used golf balls, grade-B golf balls and grade-C golf balls.

Logo Balls and Custom Golf Balls

Golf balls are no longer used just for the game of golf. There are now many golf balls which feature logos of different companies. These golf balls, also called logo balls, are great marketing tools. If you would like to spread word about your business, putting your company's name on a golf ball may be one of the ways in which you can do it. Many people can pick up these golf balls and see the logo on it. Nowadays, there are also some individuals who choose to have their golf balls customized. You can put your name on a golf ball or have it imprinted with a favorite symbol or figure. This way, you'll easily know that the golf ball is yours when you find it on the golf course.

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