Discount Golf Balls and Ball Types

Before you shell out a lot of cash - even if you're buying discount golf balls - you should know about the different types of golf balls and what each type means to your game.

There are four main types of balls you will find when buying discount golf balls.

The Wound Golf Ball
The first type is the wound ball. This golf ball features a core that can be solid synthetic rubber or liquid filled. The core is then wrapped with rubber thread to the correct dimension, then covered with a surlyn or balata cover. Wound discount golf balls give good spin control, but they usually fall short on distance.

The One-Piece Golf Ball
One-piece golf balls are made of a single, solid piece of synthetic rubber. These golf balls deform the most when hit, meaning they are not as good for distance. While they you may get great discounts on these golf balls, you'd better reserve them for practice and the driving range.

The Two-Piece Golf Ball
Two-piece golf balls are just what they sound like - a ball made a core wrapped in a cover. The cover helps your discount golf ball to transfer the energy of impact into a longer flight. In the past, these golf balls (especially the cheap golf balls) have had a hard feel. Now they are being manufactured to give a softer touch and more control.

The Multi-layered Golf Ball
Multi-layered golf balls are usually 3-piece balls. These golf balls are made with the core wrapped in a number of covers. By varying the cover materials, these golf balls can be made specifically for distance, spin control, off-center hits, slow swings and more.

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